Advance planning delivers the perfect event

Aug 5, 2023 | Case study, Cross walls, Inflatable event structures, Inflatable walls, Panoramic

Careful advance planning helps to ensure a Berlin event runs smoothly for the client and attendees equally.

Pic showing several Created By Air Panoramic structures lit with white LEDs at a Berlin event

Advance planning sessions allow for clients to better visualise the project

The inflatable structure configuration for an event held in Berlin, Germany, was decided in advance following a planning demo event held at the Created By Air facilities in Kent. Whilst photographs of these temporary event structures can look fantastic, nothing beats the experience of actually stepping inside a fully prepared Panoramic inflatable structure in real life. The planning event enabled the client to visualise and approve the concept.

These advance planning sessions allow for different combinations of inflatable structures to be quickly set up and experienced without the pressure of time constraints.


Modular structures allow for better combinations

The final selection for the Berlin event consisted of 10 Panoramic (10m) structures and several 6m Cross walls in support. Cross walls efficiently provide four distinct areas per each inflatable structure. An ideal feature was the practical flat walls of these structures to display artwork.

It was intended that each of the four sections or zones of the Cross walls were to be allocated to a separate artist and so the advance planning session, in addition to visualising the structure grouping, allowed various artist combinations to be planned at the same time.


Pic showing several Created By Air Panoramics and Cross walls being setup in line with the previous advance planning session
Pic showing several Created By Air Cross wall inflatable structures set up following the advance planning session guidelines

Soft lines matched with vivid colours enables the structures to stand out

The Panoramic temporary event structures were to act as separate breakout zones that could be independently lit in different colours depending on the activity within or simply to indicate if a room was active or not. Constructed from a soft ripstop material, Created By Air temporary inflatable structures are white by default and semi-translucent. A feature of this is that any colours provided by either external or internal LED lighting systems stand out. Creating an option to display a rainbow of vivid colours enhances the experience for event attendees and enables event structures to stand out.

Structures with quick installation

Even with the number and type of structures chosen, the previously mentioned advance planning and subsequent speed of installation ensured that deadlines were achieved. Allowing plenty of time for additional teams to carry out work in advance of the event’s start.

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Pic showing the Created By Air Panoramic inflatable event structures set up in the main hall at the Berlin event
Pic showing the Created By Air Panoramic inflatable structures lit using both yellow and pink LED lighting
Pic showing Created By Air Panoramic inflatable event structures lit in a mixture of orange, green and blue LED lighting
Pic showing two Created By Air Panoramic structures setup to act as breakout zones based on the advanced planning session