Cuberamic inflatable structures used for conference breakouts

Jul 20, 2023 | Case study, Cuberamic, Inflatable event structures, Modular inflatable structures

Cuberamic inflatable structures were used to great effect at a Barcelona event.

Pic showing several Created By Air Cuberamic inflatable structures setup with central seating at an event

A great choice for breakouts

A common request for Created By Air is to supply temporary inflatable event structures for event breakout areas within much larger conference spaces. Inflatable structures that can maximise the use of available space and at the same time be safely set up close to one another.

Created By Air provided five 10m Cuberamic inflatable structures for conference breakout spaces installed within a hotel ballroom in Barcelona, Spain.

Speed and efficiency of the installation were essential as well as consideration for hotel guests not involved with the event.

Flat walls that allow for close positioning

With four sizes available in the range (6m,8m, 10m, and 12m), the Cuberamic is a versatile structure. The flat sides can enclose generous seminar seating numbers along with a central presentation area. Different seating plans can easily be accommodated, with each zone having a different feel to the one next door. 

The structures perfectly created the intimate self-contained spaces required for the planned event sessions. The double-skinned walls and the fitted door opening curtains ensured that any internal sound spreading to the outside and the rest of the hotel was kept to a minimum.


Pic showing the inside of a 10m Created By Air Cuberamic inflatable structure with a display screen and seating setup. All lit with orange LED lighting
Pic showing zone light testing at an indoor event in Barcelona

LED colour to highlight the active zones

Each structure was fitted with LED lighting and was then distinctly illuminated to indicate when a pod was ‘in session’. Structures lit blue were considered active, with orange illumination showing out-of-session.

The flexibility offered using modern LED lighting means that the appearance of structures can change with the touch of a button (or slide of a dial).

As a busy hotel, the location also required a carefully planned setup and de-rig to ensure minimal disruption for other hotel guests.

Advance planning to ensure success

Inflatable event structures can be the ideal solution for events. Quick setup times and the versatility provided by the range of sizes and shapes allow for creative solutions to efficiently be delivered.

For more than a decade, Created By Air has supported some of the most ambitious indoor events around the world. We have experience in planning and a great range of products that can help to make a vision, a reality.

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Pic showing the inside of a Created By Air Cuberamic inflatable structure and a different seating style using swivel chairs
Pic showing the Barcelona event underway with several Created By Air Cuberamics lit with blue LED lighting