Full range of of inflatable structures on show in Anaheim

Oct 10, 2023 | C Walls, Case study, Cross walls, Cube Walls

An indoor event in Anaheim required the supply of a complete range of Created By Air inflatable structures.

Pic showing a Created By Air C Wall structure illuminated using green LED lighting

Whilst Created By Air regularly supplies multiples of our inflatable structures to events, it’s not often that we’re asked to provide the whole range in one go. A job at a large event complex in Anaheim CA, USA required just that. Several Airwall, Cross wall, Cuberamic, Curve wall, C wall, and Panoramic modular indoor event structures were supplied and installed.

As has been covered in previous articles, all of Created By Air’s temporary event structures are modular. With consistent heights and door openings across the range, our indoor inflatable structures work well individually or even better, grouped. When combined, enclosed structures like the Panoramic and Cuberamic and inflatable partitioning like Airwalls and cross walls can be used to support efficient event crowd flow.


Inflatable structures that transform an event instantly

For the event in Anaheim, the temporary inflatable structures were also combined with coloured LED lighting so as to differentiate presentation areas and to whether the spaces were active or not. The lighting within the event structures was also matched to the ceiling lighting so as to accentuate the different areas within the event space.

All Created By Air’s event structures come as default in a neutral white ripstop. Any coloured or additional lighting can then quickly transform a space as needed. Adding mood or simply focusing the attention on a specific event location or area within a presentation zone or breakout.


Pic showing a Created By Air Panoramic and Curve wall structures at the Anaheim event
Pic showing a Created By Air Cuberamic structure with orange LED lighting at an event in Anaheim

Structure colour and LEDs to match branding or event graphics

On this occasion, not only to make the zones clearly visible, the LED colours were selected to match the organiser’s event branding and supplied zone graphics. Advance planning helping to ensure synergy. With all components working together and creating a memorable experience for the conference delegates in attendance. Many favourable comments were noted by the event organisers.

In the background, Created By Air’s usual efficiency ensured that even with the array of event structures supplied, the installation still passed without a hitch. Disruption at the venue was kept to a minimum.

Structures with quick installation

Inflatable event structures can be the perfect solution for any event. With their quick setup times, the versatility provided by the range of sizes and shapes allows for creative solutions to be delivered in a snap.

For more than 15 years, Created By Air has supported some of the most ambitious indoor events around the world. We have the largest range of indoor structures.

Connect with us on social media, email info@createdbyair.com, or call +44(0)1634 230034 to see how Created By Air can support your business or next event.

Pic showing a Created By Air inflatable structure with purple LED lighting
Pic showing a Created By Air Cross wall inflatable structure with green LED lighting
Pic showing two Created By Air Cube walls with white LED lighting at an event in Anaheim
Pic showing a Created By Air Curve wall inflatable structure being used as a presentation area