Inflatable event structures prove a safe bet

Jul 27, 2023 | C Walls, Case study, Cuberamic, Inflatable event structures, Modular inflatable structures

A mixture of Cuberamics, C walls and curve wall inflatable event structures steal the show in Vegas.

Pic showing a Created By Air Cuberamic inflatable event structure set up in the Bellagio ballroom

Delivering presentation and conference breakout areas with a difference

Created By Air provided a range of inflatable event structures for an event at the iconic Bellagio Hotel, in Las Vegas. As both a sponsor and supplier of the indoor event at the hotel, Created By Air supplied a mixture of Cuberamic, C Wall, and Curve wall structures.

These versatile inflatable event structures were set up within the hotel ballrooms and provided enclosed discussion breakout spaces, and several presentation and seminar areas for the delegates in attendance. The event also had the accolade of the first time that the soon-to-be-popular C wall structures had ever been deployed.

A mixture of straight walls and curves

As the structures were positioned on carpeted floors, a plus point was the fact that these modular products don’t require any additional pitching. This also means that efficient use of the space can be maximised with closer positioning. Additionally, there would be no risk of damage to the floor.

The structures perfectly created the intimate self-contained spaces required for the planned event sessions. The structures’ double-skinned walls ensured that the sound from presentations was contained and any disturbance to the outside and the rest of the hotel was kept to a minimum.


Pic showing the Bellagio event busy with people and the Created By Air Cuberamic inflatable event structure as a backdrop
Pic showing a Created By Air C wall inflatable event structure being used as a presentation backdrop at the Bellagio hotel

Structures that are quick to setup and equally quick to de-rig

In keeping with many setup requests, LED lighting was fitted to create both the desired ambience and to highlight the soft curves and edges of the modular structures themselves.

With the hotel still open to other guests, advance planning helped to ensure any disruption was kept to a minimum. Even the largest of the supplied air-filled structures takes as little as ten minutes to fully inflate. De-rig is equally as efficient as Created By Air able to draw on previous experience to ensure all deadlines and requirements were comfortably achieved.

The natural choice for event structures

Inflatable event structures can be the ideal solution for quick turnaround events. Efficient setup times and the versatility of structure ranges allow for creative solutions to be delivered right on cue.

For more than 15 years, Created By Air has supported some of the most ambitious indoor events around the world. We have experience in planning and a great range of products that can help to make a vision, a reality.

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Pic showing a Created By Air Cuberamic with blue LED lighting at an event in Las Vegas
Pic showing a Created By Air C wall illuminated with red LED lighting and presentation seating set out in front