Outdoor inflatable structures that make an impact

May 24, 2024 | Inflatable event structures, Temporary event structures

Created By Air can cover events of all sizes with the outdoor inflatable structures range of products.

Pic showing a Created By Air peanut outdoor inflatable structure illuminated with red LED lighting at night

Outdoor inflatable structures for any type of event

The arrival of milder weather signals the start of the outdoor event season, providing a perfect opportunity to host memorable gatherings in the sunshine. Created By Air offers a range of outdoor inflatable structures, from small 6m domes and cubes to large 20m structures that can accommodate hundreds of people. Joining tunnels and awnings can be used to expand the space further. These modular structures can be set up in various configurations to meet the client’s needs, making them suitable for both small and large-scale events.

Keep the crowd and sound undercover when it matters

All outdoor inflatable structures are double-skinned to reduce sound transfer, making them ideal for events with PA systems. Coloured LED lighting can be added to create different moods and enhance the atmosphere at events.

Unlike the indoor range, outdoor structures come with roofs to provide shade or protection in case of changing weather. They do not require complex rigging or guy lines, allowing for flexible placement, even in limited spaces or when multiple structures are placed together.


Pic showing two Created By Air domes being used for a reception at the Life Sciences Awards at the NASA Centre
Pic showing a configuration of different shaped and sized Created By Air inflatable structures connected together at an event in Dubai shown during the day Pic showing a configuration of different shaped and sized Created By Air inflatable structures connected together at an event in Dubai illuminated in different colours at night

The added benefits of a quick installation

The practical and efficient packaging of our products makes them easy to transport and set up, regardless of their size. They can be easily set up in demanding locations. Inflatable structures allow for quick setup, taking just minutes to inflate, which is ideal for events with limited setup time, such as pop-up or surprise events. This quick setup time also allows other teams, like lighting and sound, more time to prepare their equipment.

Experience of both indoor and outdoor events

Created By Air has been providing support for ambitious indoor and outdoor events worldwide for more than 15 years, offering a range of products and expertise to bring clients’ visions to life.

To learn more about how Created By Air can support your business or next event, connect with us on social media, email info@createdbyair.com, or call +44(0)1634 230034

Pic showing a Created By Air Air-roof setup close to the London Assembly building
Pic showing a Created By Air cube setup at an event in Spain