Panoramic inflatable structures a backdrop to an event in Lisbon

Nov 7, 2023 | Case study, Inflatable event structures, Panoramic

Panoramic inflatable event structures provide the perfect backdrop for an event held in Portugal.

Pic showing a Created By Air Panoramic inflatable structure setup as a breakout at the Lisbon event

Inflatable structures that come in different shapes and sizes

Created By Air supplied a range of popular Panoramic inflatable event structures for an annual conference held in Portugal. The event located within the Lisbon Exhibition and Congress Centre, the largest of its type in both Lisbon and Portugal, required Panoramic structures to be supplied for individual breakout sessions within the main hall.

Available in five sizes, from 6m (19.5ft) diameter right up to 14m (46ft), the Panoramic’s gently sloped walls provide an internal space that is ideal for enclosing almost any event. Great for a presentation using a seminar-style seating plan, as was needed here, or open discussion areas with visual displays around the walls.

Self-supporting event structures that reduce sound transference

Another great feature of Panoramics is that they have an open top. This can be an essential requirement to conform to venue safety regulations. It should be noted though, that even with the open top, the double-skinned walls still provide excellent sound insulation. This can provide an immersive or focused experience for those inside. Very useful in conference settings where different zones or breakouts are situated close together. Additionally, the self-supporting nature of these event structures means that they do not require any complex rigging. A benefit if event space is limited.


Pic showing the outside of a mid-sized Panoramic  inflatable event structure setup in Lisbon
Pic showing a Panoramic event structure as a backdrop to a presentation during the Lisbon event

Event structures that can be installed quickly

As with all Created By Air inflatable structures, Panoramics can be set up quickly. With even the largest of our event structures taking only minutes to inflate. It is common for structures of this type to be fabricated in a neutral white ripstop material and so when combined with coloured LED lighting the environments and feel within can change dramatically. It can also ensure that zones or specific areas are clearly distinguishable from one another. For the event in Lisbon, lighting was to be combined with free-standing graphics and displays. With active zones signified by both internal and external lighting.

Experience in the inflatable event structure industry

For more than a decade and a half, Created By Air has provided inflatable structures for some fantastic indoor events around the world. We have the largest range of structures of this type available. Providing advanced planning and event structure knowledge to ensure clients are able to make the right choices for their events.

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Pic showing crowds outside a Created By Air Panoramic event structure in Lisbon
Pic taken from the outside of a Panoramic inflatable event structure in Lisbon
Pic showing the inside of a Created By Air Panoramic event structure set up with seminar style seating
Pic looking in through the doorway of a Created By Air Panoramic at the Lisbon event