Panoramics, the inflatable promotion structures ideal for indoor events

Aug 28, 2023 | Case study, inflatable promotion structure, Panoramic, Temporary inflatable structures

Panoramic inflatable promotion structures can be a great choice for your next indoor event or promotion.

Pic showing several Created By Air 6m Panoramic inflatable promotion structures installed at a Wales hotel complex

Versatile inflatable promotion structures with a difference

Recently, Created By Air installed 17 of our popular Panoramic structures at a resort in Wales. These were to be used as individual promotion areas for organisations, all to be sited within a larger event space at the venue. The installation allowed the exhibitors to customise both the interior spaces and to add external branding to the structure walls, creating a truly bespoke experience for attendees.

Available in five sizes, the Panoramic range of inflatable promotion structures from Created By Air is ideal for events as diverse as meal seating, product showcases, gigs, concerts, exhibitions, and seminars.

Self contained immersive environments for event attendees

The generous openings at either end allow efficient crowd flow, even at the smaller sizes of the range. Also, with door curtains or connecting tunnels in place, the internal spaces transform into truly immersive environments of light and sound. Great to make an impact. Additionally, when viewed from the outside, the walls of these versatile inflatable promotion structures are flat enough to display corporate branding. Any branding or logos can be added during fabrication or added later depending on the requirements. This makes the Panoramic the perfect choice for organisations looking to stand out at an indoor event.


Pic showing the outside of two Panoramic inflatable promotion structures
Pic showing a view through a Created By Air Panoramic set up at an indoor event

Freestanding event structures without complex rigging

An advantage of inflatable promotion structures of this type is that they do not require extensive or complicated rigging to remain free-standing. Multiple Panoramics can be placed near one another without compromising venue safety requirements and at the same, time allows attendees to move freely around structures.

At the event, each pod’s internal space was individually dressed, along with lighting added alongside brand graphics. This helped distinguish the zones and allowed organisations to follow conceptual or marketing brand guidelines.

A wide range of inflatable promotion structures are hard to match

All of the Created By Air range of structures are available in multiple sizes. This provides a range of choices hard to match elsewhere and ensures that we are the first choice for indoor events.

For more than 15 years, Created By Air has supported some of the most ambitious indoor events around the world. We have experience in planning and a fantastic range of products that can help to make a client’s vision a reality.

Connect with us on social media, email, or call +44(0)1634 230034 to see how Created By Air can support your business or next event.

Pic showing the interior of a Created By Air inflatable promotion structure setup at an indoor event in Wales
Pic showing the inside of a Created by Air inflatable event structure highlighting the versatility of the internal space